Pencil to Paper

To stay on this betterment journey of mine I’ll be keeping a sketch diary on the blog. This will help me view my progress and honestly encourage me to draw more. I will admit, I am a procrastinator but if anyone wants to achieve anything in this life you can’t be [unless you have somehow mastered the skill in which case…let a sister in on this secret I beg of you].

Close up Sketch 2

Lately, I’ve been watching some videos that focus heavily on the basics of sketching a human figure from the memory. I’m not a complete novice but mastering the basic skills is definitely a step to improving my artwork.

Along with the videos, I’ve been reading some really good books from many artists that I’m now learning about and beginning to admire. These books cover so many topics from anatomy to backgrounds and composition and much more.

I am a bit nervous [more like terrified] to show any my work  cause in my eyes it isn’t good enough, but a friend of mine told me once ‘ you should enjoy all of your work’. And that stuck with me, I do believe with time, patience and practice, practice, practice I be the artist I truly want to be.Though I believe I’ll never stop learning.

Here are the rest of the practice sketches:

Sketch Batch 3 Sketch Batch 2 Sketch Batch 1 Close up SktechThese are just the basic skeleton, mostly gesture lines, something I am actually new to. The very first I did were stiff so I started over. Plan to do a few more then move on.

Thanks for reading.

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