Man of Steel ‘S’ Stencil T-Shirt DIY

So the new Superman movie, Man of Steel is out and it’s showed for the first time in my country on Wednesday . A few of my friends and I went to the premiere and I felt like going full geek by printing the new design for the ‘S’ or [hope on Krypton] on some shirts. The newer design is a very sleek and tapered version of the tradition  Superman ‘S’ as seen (1)

For This is I Used:

~Some freezer paper


~Fabric paint of your choice

~A good stencil knife [box cutters can work]

~Sponge brush [a normal piece of sponge is just fine as well]

~Cardboard [or a really hard piece of card]

~A measuring tape.



Also, newspaper is also good or a surface that you don’t mind getting a little dirty

1.To create the stencil, I edited the image I showed earlier in  photoshop so that’ll I had a solid shape. Then I printed it out. I chose red so I could see it easily when tracing.

Man-of-Steel stencil

2.I then took the printed image, placed it under the freezer paper and traced over it. You could use a pencil or a marker to see the lines more clearly. This picture came out light but these lines were clear enough for me.

Tracejpg3. After that it’s time to cut out the pieces I want. Place the freezer paper on top the cardboard or tough surface and begin to follow the lines with your stencil knife. Follow as closely as you can. With a stencil knife it’s really easy to do so.

IMG-20130619-005884.Continue following the line till you have your first piece of the stencil out. Be careful not to cut into the piece of paper, stick close to the lines. Place all of the pieces and place them aside carefully.

IMG-20130619-00589IMG-20130619-005905. Keep on till you have something like this.

IMG-20130619-005926. Next, you have to cut out the edge or the outline.

IMG-20130619-005957. Take out your shirt, iron and iron board.

Press out any wrinkle in the shirt,then take the outline stencil from above and using your measuring tape make sure the stencil is centered and exactly where you want it.


8.Place the rest of the pieces down and in their correct positions and press those down as well. You can use the remainder of the stencil you cut out to guide you.


9.Now to the fun part. Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so that the other side of the shirt would remain clean. This is where you break out the fabric paint, sponge brush and begin dab on the paint lightly. A good light coat allows for it to dry quicker so you can place on your second coat. A second coat is important especially if you want the colours to pop.

And yes, this is a different shirt [I forgot to take a picture of the one above XD ], but same process.

A tip gently lift the shirt off the cardboard or whatever thing you used on the inside of the shirt so  that paint would not dry onto that and stick your shirt down. (Yes, I learnt this the hard way heehee)


10.Continue dabbing till you have completely covered the shirt. Let it dry. Follow the drying time instructions on the paint or use your own judgement. Do your second coat and then let it dry again.It should look like this :


11. The big reveal. I start with the huge outline piece by gently removing it.

IMG-20130619-0058112. Then the smaller pieces. Make sure your hands are free of paint. I sometimes use the stencil knife to lift these pieces off. If you do this please do not cut the shirt, be very gentle. Continue removing the pieces till all are gone you have your design.

Viola! The end result!


ShirtsHope this was helpful in some way.

Thanks for reading.

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