Roses and a Dress~

It’s December!! Isn’t it amazing how time just hurries along?

With December comes Christmas, the celebration of the greatest gift to man, the birth of  Jesus Christ.

I adore this time of year, I’m usually all smiles but I’m even crazier around this time. I just love to be around my family and friends as we all celebrate together. The atmosphere, for me anyway, is just full of love and hope.

Early on Christmas mornings, my family and I go to church and  I thought I’ll make my own Christmas dress this year. I’ve always wanted to but for some reason something gets in the way or I don’t see a piece of fabric that I like.

This year, I browsed in the early and found a vibrant purple rose embellished fabric that I adore and some stretched taffeta to go with it.

Rose embellished fabric stretch taffeta

Rose embellished fabric
stretch taffeta

I had work with a similiar piece of fabric before but I didn’t have enough time to finish it in the style I really wanted to so I’m trying again.

Here is my little fashion sketch of what I have in mind:

Scoop neck dress with a circle bottom~

Scoop neck dress with a circle bottom~

Christmas dress sketch

Christmas dress sketch

It’s really simple but I’m a big fan of this silhouette.

I’ll make sure to post the final result here. Don’t be too surprised if the final look differs from my sketch, when it comes to sewing I tend to deviate from my initial idea.

Thanks for reading.

Itstailormade signature

Itstailormade signature


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