Infinity Scarf

I live in the Caribbean so it’s pretty much constantly warm here. Actually, it’s pretty HOT! Our Christmases are white all right, white hot. Get it?

I really have no need for an infinity scarf but I do like the style. I really wish one day I could travel to some wintry country so I could, not only touch snow and see it all for the first time, but so I can dress for it  as well. How does it feel really to bundle up in some many clothes and waddle through snow’s icy blankets?

girl with the infinity scarf

girl with the infinity scarf

All I can do right now is imagine it, which is okay for now, cause I’m not even sure if my body would thank me for subjecting it to such temperatures.

Afterall, I’m the girl wearing a hoodie in the air-conditioned office in my warm homeland and if I can’t handle air-con here, the real deal is going to kick my butt.

Oh well, when the day does come, I’ll meet it with a brave face and countless layers.

This is a clean sketch done in Gimp. Practice, practice practice.

Thanks for reading~

Itstailormade signature

Itstailormade signature


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