It’s the Simple Things

On my 23rd birthday last year I received a storybook my dad made me read every night when I was younger. It was called Tom Thumb. I eventually knew it by heart and I didn’t like it much. I thought I hated reading back then. However, as I got older, my head was always stuck in a book and reading quickly became my favourite pastime.

tom thumb

tom thumb

I am forever grateful my dad planting this joy of reading in my heart which I water still to this day. Having this book again now brings much happiness and fun memories. It is a just a children’s storybook but as simple as that is, it means a great deal to me. I now let my little sister read it.

It’s these simple things that I adore.

Things like watching the sunset, getting warm under a blanket on a chilly, rainy day, a smile, a cup of green tea,  a hug from my little sister, a good book, some time alone and so on that really make me appreciate life.

Sometimes our minds so get cluttered with what we have to do next that we don’t notice or take time to value anything around us.

Not to mention the use of technology nowadays . It is most certainly stabbing observation  and interaction on a personal level in the back.

When we go from place to place with our heads buried in our phones, tablets and such like, there is so much we miss. Ask youself when was the last time you just look around you? Looked up at the sky, the stars or the trees around you? This year let’s make more of an effort to look around more and interact more with the people around us.

Sometimes life can be so unnecessarily complicated that these simple things and memories I mention above really help me to breathe and enjoy the fact that I’m alive to see another day. That God created this day and gave me the very breath I need to live this moment. 

What simple things do you like?



Thanks for reading.

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