Calendar Diary

With the start of the year and everyone goal setting, myself included, I remembered something.

Usually as the year goes on and I get to, say June or even before then, and I’m doing none of the things I set out to do. Somehow, I would end up in the same slump and old habits I wanted to change from the previous year .

I know everything can’t always go the way I plan it, and that’s okay because God has ultimate control, but there are the things I can control. If there is an obstacle I have the choice to give up right there and then or stay strong and keep pushing ahead. I have to decided to stick through it all and finish what I started. That’s always been a problem for me, finishing what I start.

Well, as always I got my calendar for the year and I usually run through it and scribble down the birthdays of my family and close friends just so I’ll have a visual reminder and then it hit me. This would be great for my goals as well.

This will help me keep track of the year in a quick and easy way by  noting when I start a goal and when I finish it. Also, anything positive or inspiring I hear during the day I write down as well to stay encouraged. I like that idea because it forces me to look for the light in each day.

Calendar Diary 3

Calendar Diary 3

Since exercise is also one of my goals this year, I’ll keep track of that in blue ink, I’ll be numbering the days I do workout. So if I look back at a month and there isn’t enough blue, well I’ll know I’ll have to get back to some push ups again.

Calendar Diary 2

Calendar Diary 2

One regret of mine was looking back at all the time I wasted doing nothing. I don’t want to do that again is year. I want to look back at every month and see it covered with words and progress.

This is a great idea for those who don’t have time to write a whole journal entry or aren’t fans of the whole diary thing.

How do you keep track of your progress?

Have a great and productive Monday.

Thanks for reading.

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Itstailormade signature


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