Sketch Batch

Here are a few sketches I drew over the course of time I was away from the blog.

Sketches of the Week

Sketches of the Week

Been busy with some projects so no finished work for now but you’ll see some fanart  of Annie Mei and Rei from the artist CT Chrysler [more of his stuff  here and here] and some concept drawings of my character, “The Girl With the Sky In Her Hair”.

Yes, I know it’s the longest name ever. Not that long names are bad or anything . I mean Sparky Sparky Boom Man is a pretty popular name [talking about such, have you seen the Book Three Legend of Korra trailer as yet?] . I just haven’t found the perfect name yet but I’m sure I will.

Till then, bye and enjoy your week.

Itstailormade signature

Itstailormade signature


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