Digital Painting Practice- A Sunset

It’s been a while and I’m sorry about that. I was very busy for a while but now my free time is back, well,  for now.

Been working on this a few months back to go back with the sunrise one I did before.  I am very obsessed with the sunset. To me, is one of the most beautiful things God ever created. Just looking at it makes me happy, like I have to have my wedding, baby and 50th anniversary under the sunset, somehow. I love it and when it is gone I miss it so much.



Well, I rediscovered  this while I was going through some unfinished work of mine (which is quite a bit).

Anyways, this was just a study for me and I was getting quite meticulous on it so I decided to let it go a bit and now here it is. The sunrise painting mentioned before can be seen here and the reference photo for this can be found here .

Not sure what I will do next, maybe something  with water but whatever it is you guys will see it.

Which are you? Sunrise or sunset?

Thanks for reading.

Itstailormade signature

Itstailormade signature



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