Happy New Year ! It’s 2015

Well, by God’s grace we’ve made it to 2015. I hope your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were full of warmth and love. Though tiring, my holiday was and I miss it all already. There is a huge part of me that doesn’t want to let it go but a new year has begun and it is time to get moving.

As I looked back at my last new year resolution list here , I have to cringe a bit.  Honestly, I’ve kept up with two things on this list, maybe three. I am disappointed in that but not discouraged. I’ll keep at till I get it right and if you are the same , you should too. I’ve learnt a lot in 2014 and with what I’ve learnt I plan to make better decisions this year.

If there was one thing I’ve realised is that doubting myself held me back so much. I didn’t realise it then but I was my worst enemy many times. It takes some time but once you know what it is that is keeping you , you can break that obstacle apart. One thought that helped me with this, was placing my faith in God. In Him I can trust and that grants me much peace.

With the new year now before us, there is so much that will happen we don’t know, and that can be scary but take it one day at a time, one moment at a time. Take nothing for granted, love God, love those around you, work hard and give your best.

With all of this being said, I hope you like the blog’s new banner for 2015. It is still the girl I’ve mention in this post and here. She will be given a better name than The Girl With The Sky In Her Hair, I promise.

Thanks for reading. What are your goals, dreams, plans for 2015?

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Calendar Diary

With the start of the year and everyone goal setting, myself included, I remembered something.

Usually as the year goes on and I get to, say June or even before then, and I’m doing none of the things I set out to do. Somehow, I would end up in the same slump and old habits I wanted to change from the previous year .

I know everything can’t always go the way I plan it, and that’s okay because God has ultimate control, but there are the things I can control. If there is an obstacle I have the choice to give up right there and then or stay strong and keep pushing ahead. I have to decided to stick through it all and finish what I started. That’s always been a problem for me, finishing what I start.

Well, as always I got my calendar for the year and I usually run through it and scribble down the birthdays of my family and close friends just so I’ll have a visual reminder and then it hit me. This would be great for my goals as well.

This will help me keep track of the year in a quick and easy way by  noting when I start a goal and when I finish it. Also, anything positive or inspiring I hear during the day I write down as well to stay encouraged. I like that idea because it forces me to look for the light in each day.

Calendar Diary 3

Calendar Diary 3

Since exercise is also one of my goals this year, I’ll keep track of that in blue ink, I’ll be numbering the days I do workout. So if I look back at a month and there isn’t enough blue, well I’ll know I’ll have to get back to some push ups again.

Calendar Diary 2

Calendar Diary 2

One regret of mine was looking back at all the time I wasted doing nothing. I don’t want to do that again is year. I want to look back at every month and see it covered with words and progress.

This is a great idea for those who don’t have time to write a whole journal entry or aren’t fans of the whole diary thing.

How do you keep track of your progress?

Have a great and productive Monday.

Thanks for reading.

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It’s the Simple Things

On my 23rd birthday last year I received a storybook my dad made me read every night when I was younger. It was called Tom Thumb. I eventually knew it by heart and I didn’t like it much. I thought I hated reading back then. However, as I got older, my head was always stuck in a book and reading quickly became my favourite pastime.

tom thumb

tom thumb

I am forever grateful my dad planting this joy of reading in my heart which I water still to this day. Having this book again now brings much happiness and fun memories. It is a just a children’s storybook but as simple as that is, it means a great deal to me. I now let my little sister read it.

It’s these simple things that I adore.

Things like watching the sunset, getting warm under a blanket on a chilly, rainy day, a smile, a cup of green tea,  a hug from my little sister, a good book, some time alone and so on that really make me appreciate life.

Sometimes our minds so get cluttered with what we have to do next that we don’t notice or take time to value anything around us.

Not to mention the use of technology nowadays . It is most certainly stabbing observation  and interaction on a personal level in the back.

When we go from place to place with our heads buried in our phones, tablets and such like, there is so much we miss. Ask youself when was the last time you just look around you? Looked up at the sky, the stars or the trees around you? This year let’s make more of an effort to look around more and interact more with the people around us.

Sometimes life can be so unnecessarily complicated that these simple things and memories I mention above really help me to breathe and enjoy the fact that I’m alive to see another day. That God created this day and gave me the very breath I need to live this moment. 

What simple things do you like?



Thanks for reading.

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My New Year’s Resolutions ~Onward to 2014

Time surely flies. The year 2013 is coming to an end folks!

I know not much people are into the whole new year ‘s resolution thing and that’s cool. I, however, like to atleast jot down a few things I’ll like to focus on and achieve in the coming year.

1. First, I want to be a better person. Pray more, be gudied by God more, love more and give more. There are areas of myself I can improve on and I would very much like to do so.

2. I want to create more stuff, whether it  be art, content for the blog, or clothes. I just want to do more with my hands and my talents.

3. Grow my hair an additonal four inches.

4 inches

4 inches

4.Exercise and dance. Need to kick this body into gear and get fit.



5.Spend less time in front of my laptop.

get outside

get outside

6. Save! I need to be more responsible with my money. Now isn’t the time to be spending carelessly.

And that is it.

When you are making your own resolutions make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. I had a super long list for this year and I’m not sure if I even covered half of it.

This will be my last post for the year  2013. I started this blog this year and I’m excited to see how it will grow in the year to come.

Have a safe time guys and Happy New Year!.

Onward to 2014!!

The Bad, Ugly and Sad~

One of the fruit of the Spirt: Goodness

One of the fruit of the Spirt: Goodness

I guess before I could get anywhere that I want or deem successful, I’m going to have to go through the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly and the happy and sad.

Naturally not a lover of the bad, ugly or sad but they are necessary. They make us, form us, as if we are a lump of clay and they are the poundings and kneadings we need to become something. Let’s not forget the final process of being place in a kiln (a furnace) that finishes you off.

There are days however when these kneadings don’t feel good. As much as I know they are making me better, I don’t feel like they are. In fact, it feels like I can’t handle any of it. Then I begin to think and question myself.

Where am I going? Am I any good? Will I make it? Will anything ever be just okay?

Usually I’m able to push these doubts and fear aside but there are some days, rare days, that I can’t. I am simply too tired to try. Not only does this kills my inspiration but it frustrates me. Then the next day comes and I’m happy again.

I do suppose we need these days. These days to empty our collected weight and start again fresh. We are only human and life can throw some stones that hurt so much that it feels like the pain will never go away.

At the end of it all, regardless of how bad it is , it will not always be this way.

God simply does not put more on us than we could bear and we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

Even if I am sad and cry, He understands my pain even if I don’t understand it myself.

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These Words…

girl in the air with balloons

From a song  I’ve been listening to some of the lyrics go like this,

“I can’t even find the words for the way I feel the way so I’ll paint a picture, I’ll paint a picture…”

Well, in this case I’m not painting a picture but I’m using words to help anyways.

I’m very animated, or so I’ve been told.  This brings to mind someone who is full of life and expresses oneself freely.


Yet, saying what I want stops me straight in the tracks. Like I’ve placed a lock on my words.

Not for all things, I’m not a push-over, but there are things I can’t seem to say.

I think it is a bad habit I’ve developed; not finishing sentences or just dismissing them before they reach my mouth. It is now like my default setting on certain subjects.

Even when I pray I don’t know what to say, but God being who He is, knew that moments like this would come among His people and gave us the Holy Spirit to assist when it does.

Romans Chp 8 vs 26 “~In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.~”

Sometimes I wish people could just understand my silence. I’m grateful for the Holy Spirit for this.

Why don’t I say what I want to say when I want to say it (or not)?

I believe it is a fear. Fear of a person’s perception of me, fear of showing too much of myself, fear of saying something too honest , different or silly. Good ole fear.

This monster has been the reason for regrets, long forgotten goals and the list truly could go on.


But God did not gave me or you this spirit of fear. He gave us love, He gave us power and He gave us a sound mind.

2 Timoty chp 1 vs 7 “~For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.~”

And why am I even fearful? Doesn’t He promise His presence throughout  the entire bible. A book fulled of His living and true promises.

Psalm 27 chap 1 vs 1 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

With knowledge then why. I needed reminding. I think I allowed said fear to blur my vision and stopped thinking clearly.

Now that I know, the next step is forward, right? (actually  this post right now is a step forward for me )

I am not saying this will be the easiest thing for me (or anyone if you are going through something similar to this) to do. What I am saying is I’m making a move, a step to face the fear.

This week and last week I’ve been getting out a lot of stuff I suppose I needed to with help of course and making strides to set myself free of this curse (dramatic enough :D?).

I have been open not in the typical way (hey, I’m a work in progress) but open nonetheless and I feel good about it. Better than I thought considering.

So with all of this, I encourage anyone out there struggling with some sort of fear (even the fear of bugs cause that is a very legit fear) to pray to God about it, read and remember His promises in the Word, and make a step forward into the fear. Face it.

Esther had to go before the King but she prayed before this. I’m sure she was afraid after all she could have lost her life but she prayed first. We may or may not face such dire situations but all in all. Pray.

I hope you are able to fight your fear as I hope to fight mine.

I will keep painting pictures and writing until one day very soon I wouldn’t need to do that anymore in Jesus’ name.Amen.

P.s. if like me and talking about something or expressing yourself  is especially difficult or you avoid it, writing helps. You could write and after read it aloud or release it by tearing it up or throwing it away if you need too. Or paint a picture. That will help too.

[forgive typos, I just wrote freely because needed to get this off my chest]

Thanks for reading.

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