Oh, Shading !


Something new from me today. Been catching a good few livestreams from one of my favourite artist, Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau.  If you haven’t heard of him before you can check out some of his artwork on his deviantart . His gallery will tell you.

When it comes to his livestreams, other than watching him create, the chat with many other artists and the music just makes for a pretty cool time, I learn just watching him and reading the chat. Everyone and Artgerm share many tips and encouraging words to get you on your way.

I was watching one lately when he mentioned something about shadows  and light  after being asked a question by someone in the chat. I can’t remember it word for word but it was something like, ‘simply think of  shadows as the absence of light’. Pretty basic I know  but somehow this took the pressure off  of me a bit when it come to shading.

You see shading was never an easy thing for me to do.  Still isn’t, sigh.

I kinda always tried to skim pass it but if I wanted to get better I couldn’t keep doing that. So I’ve been  reading a few tutorials and practicing from photos.  I’ve improved but of course I can do better. You can always do better.

Anyway, after the stream, I was driven to practice some shading so I did.

There was this really pretty picture of one of my fave Youtuber, Carmen from My Natural Sistas, floating around my facebook so I  used that as my reference. Her picture was clear and easy for me to see the light and dark areas.

Here is a link of the photo, linkie , and here is what I did;

Carmen from My Natural Sistas

Carmen from My Natural Sistas


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I see things I could fix of course but I still really, really had fun doing this.

I will be doing more but right now I’m working on a children’s book which I’m really excited about that. When I can, will show some of the illustartions on here.

Last but not least , here are some words I feel the need to share here:

There is a place in life, a place where you want to sit and give up, give excuses to stop pursuing your goals and kick your instrument away and do something easier, like doing nothing. But I’m telling you that if you get up from this place, if you push pass that sinking feeling of failure, you’ll find your way. You’ll get a glimpse of what you can become and you’ll know you can be it. So don’t give up. Just don’t do that.

Thanks for reading.

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Frozen’s Elsa and Anna Fanart

Pretty sure everyone knows about Frozen by now and if you don’t, I still sure everyone has heard the song ‘Let It Go‘ from the movie in some form or another. The movie is Disney latest animated feature film about two sisters based loosely on Hans Christian Andersen’s  The Snow Queen and I do mean loosely.


Sisters Frozen Snowflake Window

Sisters Frozen Snowflake Window


Fun fact, I’m a huge Hans Christian Andersen fan and very fascinated with the Snow Queen fairy tale. I’ve watched the My Life A Fairytale; a movie that told the story of Hans and his many stories which included The Snow Queen and the  2002 Snow Queen movie starring Bridget Fonda a while back .

I’m hoping someone does another film showing the Queen’s true nature. There were a few more other than the ones I mentioned but a modern day one is needed now.

Well, I watched it and quickly liked the two sisters. Elsa moreso because she is the first Disney princess with a magical power, though she didn’t use it enough in my opinion. As for Anna,  she was alot of fun to watch because of her silly and very quirky personality. My favourite character in the show however is Olaf. A snowman singing about summer and bathing in a hot tub really deserves that title.

The movie overall was very pretty and beautifully animated but lacked a bit in the story, which was a bit disappointing.

I’m a huge Tangled fan and that is because the story and the characters all fit and worked well to the overall benefit of the film. Rapunzel and Flynn had a chemistry that for me is hard to match. And it doesn’t help that I am a shameless Flynn fangirl. Also with a villian like Mother Gothel, Prince Hans just does not compare, though he was pretty sleazy.

As for the songs in Frozen, however, they were so catchy. Took me a good four months to get them out of my head and even now if someone says, ‘let it go’ , believe me I will start singing that song. Funny thing is when I had enough of ‘Let It Go’, I moved on to ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’ , ‘Fixer Upper’ and ‘In Summer’. My little sister and I would start each other off  all the time with these songs.

Also, I’m a huge Once Upon A Time fan and for this season’s finale they left us a little present. Let’s just say I was freaking out by the time it was over.

Looks like the Frozen craze isn’t going to be over for a while.

The fanart is to show the bonds these gals had when they were much younger. I love the first couple of  scenes in this movie especially how Anna woke up Elsa to play, reminds me of my little sisters when they will wake me up in the morning.

Thanks for reading.


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Sketch of the Day~ [SOTD]

Hey guys,

Early day sketch to warm up.

Sketch copics natural hair girl

Sketch copics natural hair girl

Sketch copics natural hair girl

Sketch copics natural hair girl

 Sketch copics natural hair girl

Sketch copics natural hair girl

Sketch copics natural hair girl

Sketch copics natural hair girl

Tools used : Sakura micron pigment liners, gelly roll white pen and Copics.

Reference photo here.


Thanks for looking.

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First Time Using Copics

Hey guys!

You guys don’t know this but I’ve always wanted copics.

And I’ve wanted them  for a really, really, really long time!!!

I was a huge fan of traditional artists that use them so well and I may have pinned a few pins of other people’s collections.

In case you don’t know, copics are professional markers made in Japan. They are double sided;chisel tip and thin or brush tip.

These markers are refillable and you can also replace the nib.  The ones I use for this drawing are from the Copics Sketch Markers: Sea & Sky and the Skintones 1 set.

Michicko to Hatchin

Michicko to Hatchin

I decided to test them out on a loose fanart of Michiko Malandro from Michiko to Hatchin. I didn’t have the exact colours to match her but I was itching to use them so I did XD !

Michicko to Hatchin

Michicko to Hatchin


Michicko to Hatchin

Michicko to Hatchin

It was fun working with these. I’ll be using them for other sketches as I’m hoping to improve my lineart and traditional colouring skills.


Thanks for reading.

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Loose Sketching – Poof


This is my character Poof.  She’s drawn here differently than  initially designed but I just did this for fun. I haven’t draw her since I did a poster for her a good while ago. So decided to play around with her image a bit.

My character Poof

My character Poof

She was a kid in my first drawings of her, now she’s all grown up. *Tear*

Take a look at her poster  here.

Thanks for reading.

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D.I.Y Flower Crown

IMG_9908 (1)

Been inspired lately by some pictures of many women rocking some cute and gorgeous flower crowns that I’ve seen all over my facebook courtesy some very fashionable friends of mine.

I’ve always liked them since last year when I really got into fashion blogs and always wanted to make one.  I loved how feminine, playful and colourful they are.

Also, now that it is Easter time, I love them even more. They remind me of the crown of thorns Jesus worn on His head as he gave his life up for us on the cross. We have new life through Him and my simple flower crown reminds me of this. Through his death, those thorns we have life. The flowers on the crowns are like a sign of life.  A life we only have because of His sacrifice.


D.I.Y Time! 

Flowers, floral tape. wire, wire cutter and scissors

Flowers, floral tape. wire, wire cutter and scissors

Materials Needed:

Green Wire [I used jewellry wire here but you can use floral wire]

Flowers [fake flowers last longer but you can use fresh ones for very sepcial occasions]

Floral Tape

Wire Cutter


Glue Gun [not pictured here]

Pliers [optional: depend on the thickness of wire you use , one maybe required]

I got all my supplies from Laurie Dash my local craft store and I’m sure you can get these at your local craft store as well.


Step One

Measure the wire around your head and cut it with the wire cutter. Using that same piece of wire, measure and cut two more pieces. Then take those three wires and braid them together to strengthen them.

Using the braided wires, form the crown by bending the wire into a circle and twisting the ends together. [If the wires are too difficult to twist together use a pliers, my wires were moderately  thin so I didn’t have to use one.]



Measure and Cut Three Wires





Make a circle! I mean crown.


Step Two 

Prepare your flowers and leaves by trimming them from their stems  making sure the back of flowers are neatly trimmed. This was fun for me, I was wire cutter happy.

Take out your wire cutter and cut some additional pieces of wire about 6 inches long. Take these pieces of  wires and hook them between the base of the flower and the flower and then twist them together. Depending on the make of the flowers, some of the bases could fall apart. Reinforce them with a dab of glue from your glue gun.

If you can, string the wire through the middle of the flower and twist, this also works well. Do this to all the flowers you are using.

For the leaves, I used the wire they already came with.


Trim you some flowers!


Trim them neatly!


Hook the wire in the flower bases




Do to all your flowers!



Step Three

Arrange your flowers around the crowns in the pattern you want. Play around with it before you attach any of them. When you are satisfied, start from the center and twist the flowers onto the crown. Make sure the flowers are facing and leave a little breathing room as you twist so that flowers aren’t squashing each other and so you can weaving in the leaves later.




Twist on the flowers


Keep twisting on flowers



Step Four

Add the leaves in all the spaces of crown and wherever else you like.


Add the leaves



… and more leaves



Step Five

Using your floral tape, cover all exposed wires of the crown. This can be tricky but go slowly. If this proves to be too difficult, take a piece of satin fabric and using your glue gun, glue the fabric onto the inside of the crown, covering the expose wires.

This is optional, but I wrapped some extra floral tape at the back of my crown and let it hang down. If you want to do this please use a piece of thin ribbon instead.


Cover those wires!


Step Six

Wear it!

I made two of them; a bold one and one that is little more on the  modest side. Hope you like.

Flower Crown 1







Flower Crown Two









Here is a summary picture of this tutorial .


Flower Crown Diy Tutorial

Flower Crown Diy Tutorial


Thanks for reading!

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