Girl With the Sky In Her Hair Sketch

Heya, hope everyone’s day is going well.

Did some sketching yesterday of an OC (Original Character) I’ve had in mind. She is just known as ‘ The Girl with the Sky in Her Hair’ for right now. If you look at the banner for this blog just above, you’ll see my very first drawing of her. I talk a bit more about it here .

I have a million ideas floating around in my brain for this character right now so look forward to more sketches of her.

Below sketch and lineart.

Sky in her Hair

Sky in her Hair

Hope you like.

Do you have any OCs of your own? Tell me down in the comments section.

See ya.

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New Month!

Hope everyone is keeping up with the goals they set earlier this year. I haven’t been completely consistent but I’m not giving up yet. I can still turn things around and so can you.

Morning Sketches

Some morning sketches to loosen up a bit. Did these in Photoshop, haven’t been in there for a while and it felt a bit foreign so I’ll be returning to it more often.

Have a great day!

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“Ahhhh!” Goes the Bunny

January Sketch 001

Bus sketch

Here again with an older sketch. Did this in January one morning on the bus [24th to be exact]. Always liked it but never really got around to finishing it. It was a very pleasant bus ride, even a kind stranger who sat next to me said, I was afraid to make mistakes because I kept erasing. He also told me of his friend who is an artist and how free he was in his strokes. Hence why he told me this.

January Sketch 002

Bus sketch of girl running through the forest.

Anyway, here we are in September and I decided to “finish” the sketch.  I intended to ink it digitally and colour it as well.

January Sketch 003

Bus sketch of girl running through the forest.

January Sketch 004

Bus sketch of girl running through the forest.

Wanted to try and capture some form of movement and I threw in the cute little animals for fun.

January Sketch 005

Girl running through the forest.

Thanks for passing through.

p.s. Is anyone excited for the return of Legend of Korra on the 13th ? I sure AM! Look out for my post for my shameless fanart! Love me some Bolin <3.

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