New Month!

Hope everyone is keeping up with the goals they set earlier this year. I haven’t been completely consistent but I’m not giving up yet. I can still turn things around and so can you.

Morning Sketches

Some morning sketches to loosen up a bit. Did these in Photoshop, haven’t been in there for a while and it felt a bit foreign so I’ll be returning to it more often.

Have a great day!

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Late Night Sketch…

After a long  day of cleaning decided to do this.

girl practice sketch

girl practice sketch

I really hate to go through a day without drawing.

Plan to draw everyday for the new year and the ending of this one, though I don’t know how possible that will be since the end of the year is super busy with holiday festivities.

Not that I am complaining. I love the holidays!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Itstailormade signature


Fleshing Things Out~

Hey there,

Just a small update.


Beginning to flesh out those stick figures.  In this step, I’m suppose to abandon straight lines and use a combination of ovals and gesture lines. I am really beginning to enjoy this. I have a series of photos with many different poses [because I can’t attend a figure (life) drawing at the moment] so I will be showing many more of these hopefully well improved.

Here are two more:



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