Oh, Shading !


Something new from me today. Been catching a good few livestreams from one of my favourite artist, Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau.  If you haven’t heard of him before you can check out some of his artwork on his deviantart . His gallery will tell you.

When it comes to his livestreams, other than watching him create, the chat with many other artists and the music just makes for a pretty cool time, I learn just watching him and reading the chat. Everyone and Artgerm share many tips and encouraging words to get you on your way.

I was watching one lately when he mentioned something about shadows  and light  after being asked a question by someone in the chat. I can’t remember it word for word but it was something like, ‘simply think of  shadows as the absence of light’. Pretty basic I know  but somehow this took the pressure off  of me a bit when it come to shading.

You see shading was never an easy thing for me to do.  Still isn’t, sigh.

I kinda always tried to skim pass it but if I wanted to get better I couldn’t keep doing that. So I’ve been  reading a few tutorials and practicing from photos.  I’ve improved but of course I can do better. You can always do better.

Anyway, after the stream, I was driven to practice some shading so I did.

There was this really pretty picture of one of my fave Youtuber, Carmen from My Natural Sistas, floating around my facebook so I  used that as my reference. Her picture was clear and easy for me to see the light and dark areas.

Here is a link of the photo, linkie , and here is what I did;

Carmen from My Natural Sistas

Carmen from My Natural Sistas


I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I see things I could fix of course but I still really, really had fun doing this.

I will be doing more but right now I’m working on a children’s book which I’m really excited about that. When I can, will show some of the illustartions on here.

Last but not least , here are some words I feel the need to share here:

There is a place in life, a place where you want to sit and give up, give excuses to stop pursuing your goals and kick your instrument away and do something easier, like doing nothing. But I’m telling you that if you get up from this place, if you push pass that sinking feeling of failure, you’ll find your way. You’ll get a glimpse of what you can become and you’ll know you can be it. So don’t give up. Just don’t do that.

Thanks for reading.

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