Trees, Grass and My Patience

I never venture to draw or paint trees or grass as pretty as they are on a sunny day.

Honestly, it is such a challenge for me. Something feels so monotonous about it, after all it is grass. Nonetheless, I really admire those who do and who do it so marvelously.

Since the last piece I did with the sunrise seen here, I wanted to do more nature digital paintings so, I decided to take on what challenges me and try with the green. I googled a few forest pictures to help. I used this one as my reference.

Here is the finished piece:

Practice grass and trees

Practice grass and trees

The grass came out better than I thought it would. Took quite alot of time but I enjoyed doing it in the end. The tree leaves not so much. They didn’t come out how I wanted them too but I’m seeing a style I think I can develop so I don’t feel so bad.

At one point I was bored doing it, I just wanted it to be over. However,  was able to suck it up and stuck it out.

All in all was good practice and practice makesyou … you know the saying.

Take on a challenge, something you usually run away from, and try at it. Even if you fail (I started over this like three times) go at it again. You might surprise yourself and learn something new. Doing this I certainly did.

Thanks for reading.

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